Release your sparkle and reclaim your joy.

I Emancipate Me (from the I Start and Finish movement) is back in Atlanta. Get ready!



10AM - 3PM

Sheraton Perimeter North

Your sparkle level affects your impact level.

This is not your regular conference.

This is not just another conference in the Atlanta area but an event with live group coaching from experts in diverse industries to help hidden creatives release their sparkle, increase revenue, implement purpose, make a greater impact in their generation and the next.

Early Bird $149

Come out and talk to people who have been where you are now, who know what they are doing and can point you in the right direction. Procrastination is a progress blocker." Belinda Enoma

  • Access to the one day conference
  • Breakfast and Chef catered lunch (by an award-winning Atlanta Chef). Come and satisfy your taste buds with Jamaican 🇯🇲 lunch cuisine while you unlearn stuff that's held you back for years and learn strategies for your next level.
  • Coaching-style conference tracks (different from other conferences you have attended).
  • Networking opportunity
  • Opportunity for Q &A (Bring your questions)

Don't procrastinate, book now.


Here's What You Will Learn

  • How to release your sparkle through stories that lead to increased income.
  • How to fill your cup first so you don’t land in emotional and purpose deficit.
  • How to release your sparkle in strategic and consistent phases for maximum impact.
  • How to release your sparkle for personal brand growth, career elevation and more.

Strategies from Top Speakers

Our speakers are multi-passionate professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders in the tech, business and nonprofit arena who made the decision many years ago to release their own sparkle so that you can release yours. 

Quality Networking Time

Spend five quality hours with leaders who are ready to help you shine your light intentionally, and impact your world. Breakfast and catered lunch from a local celebrity chef included.

"I was liberated by the fact that this conference addressed the TOTAL person in ministry and in business. The birthing process and midwifing experience was so unique and blessed me to see business leaders liberated and emancipated. This was a very powerful process for those who were experiencing birthing and those who were the midwives."

- Dr. Marjorie Brown

"The I Emancipate Me Conference was life changing! There is nothing that compares to a God-ordained purpose filled function. I was able to emancipate myself from old baggage that had been weighing me down and reclaim my life. My time is now. Our time is now!"

- Adrienne Dawkins

Is I Emancipate Me Conference for you?

  • Yes, if you are tired of business stagnation that happened the previous year and something has to shift for the better.
  • Yes, because you want to learn actual steps that can take you to the next level, not just take notes at the conference and walk away until next time.
  • Yes, because it's your turn to shatter that glass ceiling and reclaim you.
  • Yes, you have decided that your mindset must change if you want to see change.
  • Yes, you want to shift your level and network with folks who are already where you want to be.

"I Emancipate Me reconfirmed my position and privilege as a “speaker” which is to amplify God’s message of love, grace, victory, freedom, and presence wherever I am."

- Danny Alford

Previous Conference Speakers

Here's a small list of some speakers from our previous I Emancipate Me conferences held in different cities (e.g. Washington DC area, Dallas, Atlanta, London, New York). I Emancipate Me Conference has been impacting lives since 2015. It started as a small webcast in 2013 and we are transforming lives with the message of intentional liberation for greater impact.

Hart Ramsey

Nike Adeyemi

Edward & Debra Smith

Cheryl Polote-Williamson

Yemi Adedeji

David Burrus

Erica Brooks-Henry

Dr. Cynthia James

Christopher Spells

"The conference helped me to overcome procrastination and understanding I matter. It motivated me to take action NOW. My story matters and there’s others that are waiting to hear from me."

- Timekia Brayboy

"The conference allowed guests the opportunity to learn, grow and network with other like minded individuals. All the speakers allowed for the guest to gain pertinent information that will propel them in moving forward."

- Regina Robinson

Meet Your Host

Belinda Enoma

Belinda Enoma is the founder of the renowned I Start and Finish Movement and I Emancipate Me Conference. She teaches her global audience to value their brilliance, leverage their God-given gifts and talents for maximum impact.

She is a digital entrepreneur, author of several books, an executive coach, commencement speaker and global empowerment speaker.

Belinda’s extensive professional experience spans many nations including England, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany. She is a Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Executive with an LL.M from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York, LL.B with honors from Birmingham City University, England (formerly UCE) and a certificate from Harvard University in Cybersecurity: Managing Risk in the Information Age.

In addition, Belinda is passionate about helping minorities transition from other industries into cybersecurity. She is an Advisory Board Member at GRC for Intelligent Ecosystems (GRCIE) – a non-profit organization that provides tuition-free cybersecurity training to marginalized communities of color, women and veterans.

In her own words:

"Change won't happen until you release yourself to shift your mindset. Over two decades ago, I made the shift from law to tech and subsequently found the unique strategy to merge both expertise. If I can do it [afraid] without a blueprint, you certainly can. It's not too late."

Join Belinda Enoma and her speaker friends (awesome 2024 speaker lineup & agenda coming soon) for a quality time of learning, strategizing and connecting in Atlanta.



"I was soooo blessed to be a part of the Annapolis, MD I Emancipate Me Conference. The blessings of the Lord were rich and powerful! It was a great chance to commune with old friends and make new ones. There was a wealth of business information to glean from and many chances to be freed from many kinds of bondages; business and spiritual. I Emancipate Me is the the kind of conference that is compellingly impactful. Try it! It’s for you."

- Dr. Rachel Heggins

Conference Venue

Sheraton Hotel Atlanta Perimeter North is in the beautiful and affluent Sandy Springs area, a hub for business and commerce, close to Perimeter Mall, State Farm and local restaurants. Continental breakfast included. Catered contemporary Caribbean lunch is provided by the restaurant voted as Atlanta's Best Caribbean Cuisine, so get ready for the delicious tastes of Jamaica! And ofcourse, complimentary parking (so don't worry about where to park your car).


"I even started back writing again. This was a big deal because of being paralyzed in my hands and arms for so long, it seemed so difficult that I lost enthusiasm to even try anymore. But after the conference, I felt the joy of writing come back and I wrote a little at a time until it began to feel comfortable to use a pen and pencil for long periods of time again and even to type. The scribbles and shaky letters turned into clear and fancy writings again.  I am presently working on those books that Pastor Belinda woke up in me again. By her sharing her story that led her to writing, she activated mine."

- Pammela Cleveland


What is the nearest airport to the venue?

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) is 24 miles from the venue - Sheraton Hotel Atlanta Perimeter North, 800 Hammond Drive Atlanta, GA 30328.

Is there a room block at the hotel for registered participants?

Yes, we recommend staying at the same hotel as the venue to maximize time. Sheraton Hotel Atlanta Perimeter North is close to State Farm at Park Center, Perimeter Mall (great for your shopping weekend). The room block is available from Friday through Sunday for a great rate (and you can stay one night or two nights if you prefer). Click here to book your room.

Is there a dress code to attend the conference?

First impressions matter, so we recommend you come as you want to be visible. Most importantly, be comfortable.

Is this a religious conference?

While some faith-based principles and strategies will be taught, you are welcome to register and attend.

What time should I arrive the conference?

The event is on Saturday March 16th, 2024 and starts at 10:00am. Please be sure to arrive by 9:30am so that you have enough time for breakfast, and connect with folks before we begin.

Is my ticket refundable?

No, your ticket is non-refundable. However, you can assign to another person with notice to us via email (not later than 72 hours before the event).

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